People involved in the making of this game are:
BirdaoGwra - Game developer, coder and scripter, project manager, and other things.
Wiggly Waffle - Storyline writer, map designer, musician, and promotional director.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What engine is the game being made on?
A: The game was being made on the Irrlicht, but we have switched to the Blender Game Engine.

Q:When will the game be released?
A: We aren't exactly sure when, but we will have a demo released soon.

The forum page on which this game was thought of is here.

There are many things the development team would like to accomplish in this game.


First off, we would like to make a horror game that is extreme nightmare fuel that scares the player as much as possible. We  don't want to be that one game that jumpscares the player with weak jumpscares, we want to jumpscare the player with powerful jumpscares that will scare you so much that you fall out of your chair and scream so loud your neighbors three blocks from your house get concerned. But we also don't want to only have jumpscares. We want to have a very atmospheric and psychological way of scaring the player. We want to provide creepy atmosphere with music and dynamic lighting.
Secondly, we want to have a successful storyline, something that scares the player and makes sense, but something the player cannot relate to, so that the player asks questions, which makes the player feel alone and scared, because most people are used to having questions answered. Our storyline needs to have successful use of SCPs. We need to use the SCPs correctly, so that the audience does not get angered. For example, we cannot say in the storyline that SCP-682 was nice and ate his ice cream politely, because SCP-682 is the most violent SCP of all time! What I'm saying is that we don't want to use the SCPS incorrectly, and we want to have a successful storyline that scares the player and makes sense.
Lastly, we want to reach all audiences. We know horror games are usually made for adults, and include blood, gore, and violence, but if we want a successful game that achieves the goal of having child and adult players. Having both audiences will give SCP-Nightmares more success and popularity. Although success and fame aren't the only goals, we do want to make our game popular so that we can have more people that play, enjoy, and experience our game we are working hard on.
All in all, there are many things we want to accomplish in SCP-Nightmares.